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Customer Loyalty vs Customer Satisfaction: What's the Difference?

Customer loyalty and customer satisfaction can often be confused for being the same business metric. At first glance, they seem to measure the same thing:… read more →

Team Capacity Planning in Customer Service: Why and How

Team capacity planning is one of the foundations of providing great customer service. read more →

Peak Support Q&A: Jesse Elgene

Meet Jesse – one of our lovely Client Services Associates. She joined Peak Supportin July of 2020 after sadly being displaced from both her tourism jobs… read more →

How to Run a More Effective Support Team Meeting

We’ve all been to meetings that have felt like a waste of time. We log off Zoom or walk out of the room thinking, “Wow, that should have been an email.” read more →

What is Cold Calling?

Cold calling was probably invented the day after Alexander Graham Bell patented the telephone. This sales technique has been around for a long time.  read more →

Inbound Call Centers: What Are They and Who Are They For?

The customer journey doesn’t end when you successfully sign a client up for your product or service. Unless you have a perfect product (hint: no business… read more →

2021 Team Member Survey Results

Team Member Survey Results for 2021 Our end-of-year employee survey results are in, and we are excited to share the results. Part of our commitment to… read more →

Is Recruitment Process Outsourcing Right for You?

Business process outsourcers (BPOs) have been around for decades and provide many different services. In today’s world, few are more critical than… read more →

Peak Support Q&A: Trixie Martirez

Trixie is a Senior Manager for our Service Delivery Team. She enjoys reading books, and her favorite authors are Dan Brown and Rick Riordan. Her favorite… read more →

18 Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Trade Show Experience

This year we attended our first Customer Contact Week in Las Vegas! read more →
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