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How to Scale Your Holiday Customer Service Team in 5 Easy Steps

If you’re like me, you probably haven’t started your holiday shopping yet. But I have started planning our customer service strategy for the upcoming… read more →

Peak Support Q&A: Autumn Heard

Autumn is a Subject Matter Expert for one of Peak Support’s long-time clients. She loves cannoli because it reminds her of the Italian bakery where she… read more →

Peak Support Q&A: Marlou Abalona

Marlou or Marl, loves the calming sound of the rain as it helps him become more productive when he’s doing something important. As a bookworm, his Amazon… read more →

2020 Team Member Survey Results

Commitment to Team. That’s a key core value at Peak Support. To ensure we stay on track with that value, we conduct a survey each year, asking team… read more →

2020 Client Survey Results

This is the third year in a row where we’ve published our client survey result. One of our core values is Continuous Improvement, which… read more →

Top 7 Customer Service Interview Questions

read more →

Clutch Award For Top Voice Services and Call Center Company

Businesses that choose to operate their customer service department in-house are 50% less efficient compared to companies who partner up with business… read more →

Peak Support Q&A: Lana Charlton

Lana is a Client Services Senior Director at Peak Support. She and her family strengthen their bond by planting plants in the garden and playing a lot of… read more →

Self-Care Tips to Keep Yourself Happy and Healthy

Why do we so often fail at self-care?  read more →

Peak Support Q&A: Aimee Fermo

Aimee is one of Peak Support’s highly reliable service delivery directors. When she wants to relax, she listens to smooth jazz songs from artists such as… read more →
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