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Peak Support Q&A: Edmund Perez

Edmund, or Edz – as he is most commonly known among his peers at Peak Support, has been with the company for the past two years. He looks up to his… read more →

3 Customer Service Nightmares And What You Can Do To Avoid Them

Any person running a company or selling a product knows that closing a sale is hard. But what’s even harder? Providing excellent after-sales support and… read more →

Results of our first Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Survey at Peak Support

When Jonathan Steiman, Bianca Lazaro, Judz Eronico, and Hazel Abijay decided to build a company together, they started by asking: what kind of company do… read more →

3 Innovative Customer Service Ideas: New Ways to Improve

There’s a seemingly endless volume of articles, how-tos and guidebooks on customer service “best practices” and customer service ideas. These customer… read more →

Customer Service Scripts: 28 Examples and Templates to Improve your Customer Service Calls

Many call centers use customer service scripts to help representatives answer common inquiries accurately and efficiently. Call center scripting is… read more →

How To Deliver Great Customer Service: 7 Proven Tips

What is good customer service? Simply put, it’s creating a positive experience for customers that ultimately builds relationships. However, delivering… read more →

Peak Support Q&A: Cecilia Jaucian

Cez is a member of our Talent Acquisition team. They found out about Peak Support when their partner saw an online job posting for the company, and asked… read more →

Is Offshore Outsourcing Right for You?

Outsourcing, also known as business process outsourcing (BPO) has become a popular way for organizations to maximize revenue and reduce costs by… read more →

Support Tickets: An Essential Guide

Despite best efforts, customers will inevitably run into problems with a company’s products or services. When they do, they’ll contact the company for… read more →

Peak Support Q&A: Al James Abalos

Al is a Senior Manager for Service Delivery at Peak Support. This kind, respectful, family-oriented, and honest man says that fatherhood is one of the… read more →
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