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Is Recruitment Process Outsourcing Right for You?

Business process outsourcers (BPOs) have been around for decades and provide many different services. In today’s world, few are more critical than… read more →

Peak Support Q&A: Trixie Martirez

Trixie is a Senior Manager for our Service Delivery Team. She enjoys reading books, and her favorite authors are Dan Brown and Rick Riordan. Her favorite… read more →

18 tips to Make the Most Out of Your Trade Show Experience

This year we attended our first Customer Contact Week in Las Vegas! read more →

What are Customer Success Specialists?

As the focus on customer experience has steadily increased, so have the number of roles contributing to it. Most people are familiar with customer support… read more →

What is Customer Connection, Why It’s Important, and How to Build It

Customer connection can be defined as the relationship you build with your customer outside of your product or service. It may be the most important part… read more →

Complaints Resolution: Why It’s Important for Your Business

No matter how hard you try, every business and support leader eventually has to deal with dissatisfied customers. It’s inevitable. When this happens, how… read more →

The Top Three Benefits of Outsourcing Operations

An operations department is responsible for making sure the customer journey runs smoothly. From the moment a customer enters your ecosystem until they… read more →

Peak Support Q&A: Brenda Poquette

In celebration of Peak Support’s anniversary month, I am featuring our Chief People Officer, Brenda. Honor the past, enjoy the present, and strive to… read more →

How to Build a Call Center Staffing Model

“Please hold. You are a valued customer and an agent will be with you shortly.” read more →

Call Center Outsourcing: What it is and How Much it Costs

There never seems to be enough time in a day. That’s only compounded when you are a business in a season of fast growth. read more →
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