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Team Capacity Planning in Customer Service: Why and How

Team capacity planning is one of the foundations of providing great customer service. read more →

Peak Support Q&A: Jesse Elgene

Meet Jesse – one of our lovely Client Services Associates. She joined Peak Supportin July of 2020 after sadly being displaced from both her tourism jobs… read more →

How to Run a More Effective Support Team Meeting

We’ve all been to meetings that have felt like a waste of time. We log off Zoom or walk out of the room thinking, “Wow, that should have been an email.” read more →

What is Cold Calling?

Cold calling was probably invented the day after Alexander Graham Bell patented the telephone. This sales technique has been around for a long time.  read more →

Inbound Call Centers: What Are They and Who Are They For?

The customer journey doesn’t end when you successfully sign a client up for your product or service. Unless you have a perfect product (hint: no business… read more →

2021 Team Member Survey Results

Team Member Survey Results for 2021 Our end-of-year employee survey results are in, and we are excited to share the results. Part of our commitment to… read more →

Is Recruitment Process Outsourcing Right for You?

Business process outsourcers (BPOs) have been around for decades and provide many different services. In today’s world, few are more critical than… read more →

Peak Support Q&A: Trixie Martirez

Trixie is a Senior Manager for our Service Delivery Team. She enjoys reading books, and her favorite authors are Dan Brown and Rick Riordan. Her favorite… read more →

18 Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Trade Show Experience

This year we attended our first Customer Contact Week in Las Vegas! read more →

What are Customer Success Specialists?

As the focus on customer experience has steadily increased, so have the number of roles contributing to it. Most people are familiar with customer support… read more →
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